Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

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Elcan Digital Hunter Scope

Unfortunately, this scope has been discontinued. We have provided you with the best alternatives on the market today. You see our reviews on these below. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

While using the iron sights on your rifle may be an option, there is a reason that even the highly trained Special Forces equip themselves with digital scopes. When calibrated properly, a digital scope will prove to more reliable then the outdated method of the iron sights.


Practicing with iron sights can be fun, but when you approach the field, it is important to have the best view down range that is possible. When using iron sights, a portion of your rifle will cover your target and other areas that are important to have in your sights.


Digital scopes will allow you to see all of your target and the surrounding area well. But the questions may arise, “Is simply purchasing any digital scope good enough?” or “How do I go about looking for the right one?”


Another area of concern in using a rifle will begin to surface as well. This is due to the ever increasing popularity and market for night vision optics. Due to technological advances in the relatively recent years, night vision is now made available for civilian use on a grand scale.


However, approaching this domain can be harder for us to find the proper path to travel. As a result, this article is tailored toward answering questions concerning, “How do I choose a good night vision scope?”


Top Product reviews

1) ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope 5-20x


This scope has just about everything you will need, plus its long hourglass shape creates a traditional look that is awesome. The technology on this piece of equipment is almost hard to believe.


The ATN X-Sight 4k comes with a ballistic technology that factors in the curvature of the earth’s surface, temperature, humidity, and more. As a result, this device will help you to aim at the proper location on your target and will do the math for you.




• Ballistic technology is cutting edge and will prove to be an asset
• Weather-resistant casing allows this device to be used at all times
• Can be used during both the day and the night


• This is one of the more expensive items on our list
• This item weighs slightly more than some of the other items on this list


This device is considerably cheaper than the ATN X-Sight 4K. Another great benefit of the Night Owl Optics is the ability to toggle through three different reticle options.


This device is also weatherproofed and will last in the field. The Night Owl Optics can be used in either the day or the night, and, as a result, extreme light conditions will not damage the scope. This scope is easy to mount and is durable.




• Relatively cheaper than some of its counterparts
• Can be used in both the day or the night
• Easy to mount and the company will provide help if you have problems


• Battery life is considerably lower than the ATN X-Sight 4k
• Range is anywhere from 100-200 yards at night; as a result, the long-distance hunter will be left in the dark


The ATN X-Sight II is another scope that comes equipped with ballistic technology. Along with the other ATN X product on this list, this device comes with video-recording capabilities.


Another great benefit of this product is that it comes equipped with a rangefinder. Simply click a button a couple of times on your scope while aiming at your target to get a reading. This scope can also be used during both the day and the night.


• The ballistic technology of this piece of equipment is amazing
• This device allows you to record and stream what you are seeing right onto your phone
• Weather resistant


• This device is one of the heavier devices on this list, which may prove to be a burden rather than an asset
• Price range for this device is higher than some of the other options on this list


Here is an extremely affordable option. The BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope will cost you about $130 on Amazon. This scope is a little different than the rest on this list.


The BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope attaches to your preexisting scope and uses a screen to project your target. It could be a fun and affordable option to enjoy the benefits of night vision and hunting in the dark.


• Extremely cheap and affordable
• It could be a fun alternative to hunting with a traditional scope
• Can switch between day and night


• Although the item is affordable, you still need a preexisting scope
• Is not weather resistant, and as a result its use would be limited
• This device will add more weight to your rifle than simply purchasing a scope with night vision built in


This is a great lightweight on this list. The Sightmark, while being relatively expensive, is also reasonably priced as a night vision optic piece of equipment due to its aluminum casing.


Another great benefit of this product is that it also has the ability to record while you are in the field. High levels of magnification can be achieved with this device topping out at 16x magnification.


The menu option on this device will be easy to figure out for beginners. Simply browse the menu with a click of a button.


• Powerful magnification capabilities of 16x magnification
• Extremely lightweight
• 10 different reticle options available


• While being reasonably priced, it is still a relatively expensive item at around $500
• Battery life is unimpressive at around 4.5 hours


Here is another great lightweight option on this list. At just two pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter choice. Like the Sightmark Wraith, the casing is both lightweight and durable.


The weaver mount approach makes for both an easy assembly and detachment of this device. Another added benefit is that it comes with a carrying case, as well as a cloth to clean the lenses.


Finally, the 42mm lens allows it to gather in a significant amount of light to be able to display your target in the dead of night.


• The titanium casing makes for a great lightweight and durable option
• Comes with a carrying case and lens cleaning cloth
• Weaver mount design makes for easy assembly


• 3x magnification is on the lower end of the magnification spectrum
• Does not come with range-finding capabilities


 The Bushnell 4.5X40 comes with a 40mm lens that will allow it to use available light well. This wide lens will also present its user with a great field of view down range.


Another great benefit of this device is its 2.2 pound weight. Can be used in distances of up to 750 feet. The Bushnell 4.5X40 comes with a carrying case for easy storage and travel.


This piece of equipment is able to be used during both the day and the night. Video capturing technology makes this product both fun and exciting.


• Video capturing technology
• Great visuals at a long range in both the day and the night
• Lightweight and durable


• Minimal magnification capabilities compared to other items on this list
• This device is not as popular as some of the other items on this list


This devices operates on the Gen 3 model for night vision scopes. Gen 3 is known as the newest, most advanced, and the best of the different generations.


Another great benefit of this scope is that it only uses one AA battery and will last a long time considering this fact. Simply bring a couple more AAs with you on your trip, and you should be good to go.


The lens on this product is larger than many of the others on the list and will allow for a great field of view while also soaking in as much of the light in your area as possible.


• Operates on a Gen 3 system that is the most recent and the best
• Comes with a carrying case and a remote control
• Weather and dust resistant


• Lack of customer feedback
• Item is currently not a popular choice


This scope, while being slightly heavier than some others on this list, is still a good lightweight option. The Sightmark Photon is easy to attach and detach by using the weaver mount.


Another great benefit of this device is that it comes with six different reticle options, which may outweigh the negatives of its lower magnification capabilities. It can be used in both the day and the night, and, as a result, bright lights will not damage this scope.


• Can be used in both the day and the night
• Long-distance capabilities of up to 280 yards
• Comes with built in sound and video recording options


• Magnification capabilities are lacking
• This product is lacking both customer feedback and popularity, which may prove to be a purchase that you would regret

Night Vision Rifle Scope Buyer’s guide

In purchasing a night vision scope, there are a number of factors that should be considered. While scopes have been around for many years, the night vision option is a relatively new one on the market. As time progresses, this product is becoming more and more affordable.


Unfortunately for many of us, the cost of a good night vision scope may be out of our reach. In the case of these products, you really do get what you pay for. If you choose to go cheap, the equipment will still work, but it will not measure up to the rest.


Therefore at the outset, determining what you can afford will be important, and expecting to get what you pay for will also be essential.


One of the great benefits of forking over a little more money on a scope is that it will come with ballistic technology, also sometimes referred to as angle compensation. Angle compensation is one element of ballistic technology that will prove to be a great benefit to those of you who can afford it.


Apart from having a scope with angle compensation and/or ballistic technology, at times you will need to aim your reticles off your target somewhere in the distance to actually hit your target. This can often be a guessing game that will cause you to shoot and miss and adjust your shot based on your last one.


This can prove to be costly as one shot is often all you have. With angle compensation built into a scope, all you need to do is aim your reticle on your target. The scope does all the hard work of figuring out how the earth’s surface and distance to your target will affect your shot.


Another huge factor that was highlighted in this article often is if your scope can be used in both the day and the night. This will be important to you for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will add to the diversity of your scope’s use, as most likely you will find yourself in the field during the day.


Second, scopes that are built to function during the day and the night will last longer and be able to withstand extreme light conditions. Normal night vision optics that are made to function solely at night will become damaged in severe light conditions.


Finally, the weight of a scope is going to be vitally important. It may seem at the outset that the weights of these devices are all very low and will not make too much of a difference.


However, every pound counts as you have your rifle nestled into your shoulder and, with everything you got, you are attempting to hold it steady as you move your target into your sights.

In closing

After considering these nine products and some of the essential elements of a good night vision scope, the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope 5-20x rises to the surface as an elite choice in its field.


The ballistic technology within this piece of equipment, combined with its sleek traditional look, make it a must have for those of you seeking to purchase a great night vision scope. The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope 5-20x will prove to be a great lightweight option as well.


If you are in the market for a reliable night vision scope that is at the top of its class, look no further than the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope 5-20x.